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SCRT: A New Direction!

Elizabeth Dapo - photo courtesy of Elizabeth Dapo

(Press Release: 10/20/20)

SCRT...A New Direction

SCRT, along with many other organizations hit hard by this year's events, has had to rethink how

to do business in order to survive. During the past several months, the SCRT Board has been

laying the groundwork to move in a new direction and to focus on community theatre rather than

repertory theatre. With seating space greatly reduced at this point in time, this makes the most

sense to help make all events affordable for the theatre as well as attendees.

With a new direction comes a new name...Main Street LIVE!

To help move the theatre in its new direction, we have developed a new name and branding

position. We are very excited about our new brand so you will begin to see it displayed on all

materials moving forward.

We believe that Main Street LIVE reflects the concept of the theatre being MORE than just a venue

for plays. The theatre will be branching out with comedy shows, musical acts, business

conferences, game nights, talent shows, and any other events that will help promote and enhance

the role of Main Street LIVE as “your” community theatre.

We will offer year-round diverse, live entertainment along with learning opportunities for the

entire community. We are committed to theatrical performances of high quality for all audiences

and creative experiences for all ages.

Main Street “cast” members!

The theatre’s new direction has recently brought in several new board members, and they are

bringing new ideas, support, and enthusiasm to our organization. We would like to take this

opportunity to thank all those who have participated over the years helping to build a strong,

community-minded organization.

Calling out to the community!

Since we are community based, Main Street LIVE is looking for people who are interested in

participating in our new direction. If you are one of them, please stop by the office and fill out an

information card indicating your area of interest. Or send an email to


131 W. Main Street Trinidad, CO 81082 719 846 4765

Contact: Gloria Hall or

For more details about the SCRT, visit and follow us on Facebook & Instagram @SCRTheatre.

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