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An update for our patrons

Elizabeth Dapo - photo courtesy of Elizabeth Dapo

More SCRT Updates!

10/19/2020 Dear SCRT patrons,

We are excited to announce that SCRT will continue to move forward as a creative

outlet for our city. The state of our city and country forced us to make some changes

to move forward, but we are committed to moving ahead and keeping our doors

open. We have decided that the community theatre side of our business can and will

remain intact, but the repertory side will be on hold indefinitely. This is purely a

cost-driven decision.

Even with the restrictions on the number of attendees allowed at our events, we will

again be producing plays beginning this holiday season and continuing through next

year. Plus, the theatre will be expanding the type of shows available on our stage:

comedy, live music, game nights, educational programs, just to name a few.

Our goal is to make the theatre a “theatre for the community” and this town will play

a big part in our success. More community involvement is at the core of our new

mission and vision.

To help showcase this new direction, SCRT is launching a new name: the theatre

will now be known as “Main Street LIVE.” We feel that our new branding opens up

more possibilities and clearly represents the type of entertainment that will be

offered at our theatre.

We would love the support of our existing patrons to help us with launching “Main

Street LIVE.” We invite all of our loyal patrons to stop by the theatre this week, say

Hi, and write your name on a “I love LIVE” card which we'll display in the office area.

The community will know that we are still here and that you support our endeavors.

We are are thrilled to be here for the city of Trinidad and look forward to seeing all

of you at our events! On behalf of the Board of Directors, 'Thank You' for supporting

LIVE entertainment!

Gloria Hall

Board of Directors President

Main Street LIVE

For more details about Main Street LIVE, visit and follow us on Facebook & Instagram @SCRTheatre.

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