Announcement Coming in March! 

June '22 Youth Camp

Watch for details!

“I’ve been a part of SCRT since I was 7. After the first day at youth camp I was hooked. Finally, there was a place where literally everyone was accepted. I was able to “cut loose” as you’d say and be me. Because of that experience I was able to break free from the shy turtle shell that I lived in. I went back again and again, year after year until I became a part of the Resident Company.... SCRT is one of the best things I’ve done.


It has given me confidence and the skills to talk to people. I can make good split-second decisions, my time management skills are wonderful, and SCRT allows me to be me. Yes, I’d say SCRT is more than a performing arts center.”  


-Cece Bak, SCRT Intern

Theatre is a starting point for careers in performing, broadcasting, lighting and sound engineering, architecture, teaching, human relations, and so much more. Local youth who have been trained by SCRT are pursuing educations and careers in highly respected fields. Many return to Trinidad to serve as mentors for current youth program participants.