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“I’ve been a part of SCRT since I was 7. After the first day at youth camp I was hooked. Finally, there was a place where literally everyone was accepted. I was able to “cut loose” as you’d say and be me. Because of that experience I was able to break free from the shy turtle shell that I lived in. I went back again and again, year after year until I became a part of the Resident Company.... SCRT is one of the best things I’ve done.


It has given me confidence and the skills to talk to people. I can make good split-second decisions, my time management skills are wonderful, and SCRT allows me to be me. Yes, I’d say SCRT is more than a performing arts center.”  


-Cece Bak, SCRT Intern

Arts Education

SCRT’s educational and theatrical programs benefit the community’s youth from elementary through college. Three programs are offered: Summer Camp, Youth Company, and the Internship/Mentor Program.


SCRT in 14 seasons has produced 23 youth productions. SCRT addresses skills which benefit our children’s education and development. It is proven that students involved in the arts tend to have higher academic performance because of development in five general areas: physical development/kinesthetic skills, artistic development/drama and theatre skills, mental development/thinking skills, personal development/intra-personal skills and social development/interpersonal skills, and so much more. The obvious are improved self-confidence, better public speaking skills, teamwork, and self-discipline.

Summer Camp

(ages 5 to 18) is a two week session, led by a professional team, giving campers the opportunity to put together a production and perform it for family and friends. Campers learn to act, sing, dance, make sets and costumes, design lights and sound. In addition, they are taught improvisation and basic choreography skills. If time allows, campers enjoy daily outdoor activities such as sports, cooperative games and special outings. SCRT ensures a supportive and inclusive environment where campers are encouraged to develop new skills, pursue existing interest and foster everlasting friendships.

  • Summer Camp is open to all.

  • Applications and scholarship information available in the SCRT office, 719-846-4765.

Youth Company

(ages 10 to 18) focusing on process, we invite children to enter, enjoy and expand their imagination in the world of theatre. The Youth Company is dedicated to providing quality skills which benefit our children’s ongoing education through the development and production of live theatre. SCRT’s priority is the development of the child, using theatre as a tool to enrich the lives of area youth.

  • Membership in the Youth Company occurs through open auditions. Auditions are announced through all media outlets and are connected to each scheduled Youth Company production.

  • Contact the SCRT office for information, 719-846-4765.

Internship and Mentoring Program

(ages 13 through adult) is the natural outgrowth of 15 years of youth programming through SCRT which provides advanced training, job skills, and paid apprenticeships for those students who have completed at least one year of Summer Camp, participated in the Youth Company, and demonstrated a desire to use theatre-related skills in college and potentially throughout their lives. In the program, area youth have opportunities to excel through cross-age and cross-generational mentoring with theatre professionals and trained educators and through hands-on production and arts management experiences.


  • Participation in the Internship/Mentoring Program is by application and/or referral.

  • Contact the SCRT office for applications and information.

Summer Camp 2019

Theatre is a starting point for careers in performing, broadcasting, lighting and sound engineering, architecture, teaching, human relations, and so much more. Local youth who have been trained by SCRT are pursuing educations and careers in highly respected fields. Many return to Trinidad to serve as mentors for current youth program participants.

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